R & D

In addition to offering traditional solar and electrical services, Philly Solar Electric, Inc. researches green technology design and concepts predicated on leading edge scientific study.

Green Roof Grass Tiles

The problem: Heat Island Effect in urban settings.

Traditional solution: Adding numerous substrate layers to a flat rooftop. With installation of this system costs are quite high.

Our solution:

We intend to supply green roof “plug and play” tiles for flat urban rooftops. The tiles consist of a zoysia type grass that grows ½ inch a year and is embedded on a rubber mat. Once one sacrificial member is added to the roof, the tiles are placed with a soaker hose under the mat. Thus the green roof is self-watering. You enjoy the benefits of cooling your neighborhood and your house thus lowering the costs associated with climate controlling your home.

The site (in Japanese) for these TM9 tiles is http://www.toyota-roofgarden.co.jp/ . The translated site is here. Research for an import company of this product is on-going.

Energy Management

We installed energy recording devices that allow the client to see in real time their usage and cost of electricity. Since Exelon, Philadelphia’s local electrical provider, will switch to “real time” pricing of electricity, and since price caps on electricity will be eliminated in the near future, it is imperative to reduce demand at peak price points during the day.

Direct Current Outlets

Have you ever felt the heat emanating from your phone and device chargers?  This is because heat is produced when AC current converts to DC electricity. That heat is wasted electricity. If you had a DC outlet in your home being fed from your solar or electrical panel, you would save electricity, the environment, and money.

MORE TO COME, Your comments are welcome.